Lebanese Health Minister: Domestic COVID-19 Cases on Rise, But We Can Still Win the Battle

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan warned on Wednesday that the number of domestic coronavirus cases had been on the rise following the closure of Lebanon’s air and sea ports.

In a press conference, the minister said that further increase would drag the country to the unknown.

“Within two weeks, ever since we suspended air and maritime navigation, the number of imported [coronavirus] cases has dropped, while that of domestic cases began to rise.”

“The danger lies within the increase of domestic cases because in the event of community transmission, we enter the unknown,” he said, as quoted by National News Agency (NNA).

Moreover, the Minister indicated that new challenges were ahead as the Lebanese expats would begin arriving to Lebanon soon.

“On Sunday, we will start a new phase with the emigrants. This is a new challenge,” he said.

In addition, Hassan indicated that the rate of death caused by the coronavirus had reached 3%.

“This is an acceptable figure,” he said.

“We can still win this battle with our humble capacities, strong determination, and limitless adamancy,” he concluded.

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