Lebanese Hezbollah’s Missile Units Hit ISIL Centers Hard near Border with Syria



The Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement’s missile units shelled the ISIL strongholds in the Northeastern territories of Lebanon near Syria’s Western border, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

Hezbollah missile units opened heavy fire at the ISIL military column in Bekaa region, which not only inflicted major damage on the Takfiri group’s vehicles and military equipment but claimed the lives of several of the.

In relevant developments earlier this month, Hezbollah, in a round of attacks in Jaroud Arsal region East of Lebanon, inflicted major losses on the terrorist group of al-Nusra.

Hezbollah overpowered al-Nusra at the village of al-Kassarat, killing a half dozen of militants.

Hezbollah also intensified its operations on the other side of the border, targeting both al-Nusra and the ISIL in the Jaroud Jarajeer region.

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