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Lebanese religious scholar: ‘Takfiris are the West’s puppets’

n00143941-bThe Lebanese religious scholar, Sheikh Zahir Jaeid called Takfiri and other extremist groups as puppets and stooges of Western countries, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The Lebanese scholar underscored that these groups perpetrated these measures in a bid to make a gap in the Islamic Ummah and setting Muslim nations apart.

“Due to the commencement of religious challenges, at the present situation Muslims need unity and rapprochement more than anything else,” said the religious pundit.

He went on to say, “What Takfiri groups committed in some Muslims countries are definitely slammed and banned by the divine religion of Islam.”

Sheikh Zahir Jaeid mentioned that under the spell of western countries, some people have been deceived, taking their steps in the errant path.

In another line of his speech, the religious cleric pointed to the telling role of Media in providing the breeding ground for these groups so as to full fill their willful measures.

“Al-Azhar University did not fall silent against such anti-Islamic movements but due to lack of facilities and resources could not play effective role in this arena,” Sheikh Zahir Jaeid mentioned.

The religious cleric beckoned to his visit, roughly two years ago, with Sheikh Al-Azhar and underscored unfortunately at that time the university did not even have a satellite channel so as to air unity programs, broadcasting the right way of rapprochement thinking.

The Lebanese religious scholar pointed to the ongoing crisss in Muslims countries including Iraq, Syria and Egypt and said the enemies follow their interests in these counties and all the stuff of nightmares in Muslim countries will be in the Zionism’s favor.

“The enemies aim at hijacking Muslim’s revolutions and diverting Muslims from the right track they are taking steps in,” said Sheikh Jaeid.

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