Lebanon’s Independence Protected by LAF, Hezbollah Destructive Arsenal

Lebanon celebrates Thursday the 75th anniversary of Independence which refers to the end of the French mandate in 1943. However, this nation has been always exposed to the greed of the foreign powers.

Lebanese army units fighting terrorists on the northeastern border
Lebanese army units fighting terrorists on the northeastern border
Bordering the occupied Palestinian territories, Lebanon has been in a continuous challenge with the Zionist greed and aggression which ranges from sovereignty violations to comprehensive wars.

However, the advent of the various factions of resistance started repelling the Israeli arrogance before Hezbollah managed to challenge the enemy, liberate the occupied territories and defend the country from any further aggression.

Since 2006 War, the Israeli enemy has not dared to launch any aggression against Lebanon, subduing to the balance-of-fear formula imposed by the Islamic Resistance.

Affected by the regional circumstances, Lebanon witnessed a large-scale wave of terrorist infiltration and attacks, which posed a serious threat endangering the country’s security and stability.

In cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces (army and security forces), Hezbollah managed to eradicate the threat of the takfiri terrorist groups by dismantling their sleeper-cells, arresting their operatives, and striking their bases on the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

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