Letter from Palestinian Prisoners in israeli Jails 5/9/2014


The following is a copy of a letter from Palestinian administrative detainees, posted on facebook by the Campaign of Exposing Israeli Crimes via Social Media.

Peace upon you all.

Dear all Palestinians, Arabs, people worldwide, all humans…

We are the Palestinian administrative prisoners in Israeli prisons, who are on hunger strike for the 14th day continuously, since 24th of April. We send you this message as fatigue has taken over our bodies and hunger has weakened us.

We have become incapable of moving, many of us have gone into comas because of our hunger strike that we been on since 14 days, despite this, and our weary bodies, this did not stop the Israeli guards and officers from beating us and taken away from us our basic rights. They even took our watches from us, so that we do not know when the times of prayer are, for they have no left a religion that they have disrespected or even a principle of humanity.

Despite all this, we have our strong wills and unbroken, and so they shall remain and we will carry on our strike until we gain our freedom. Our weary bodies are stronger than then unjust laws, until we regain our freedom and our human rights.

We demand to know why we were imprisoned, what is our crime? What mistake have our families and children committed to never see us again?

No matter what, we will continue our strike till we gain our freedom.

We are in prisons for doing nothing, dear all people, America, Europe, Arab and Islamic people, all religions, all people who defend the freedom, and all organizations that defend humanity, all people who always look for the right thing, we beseech you to help us we ask you all to stand up with us against all these unjust actions that are done from Israelis toward us.

We defend freedom, not defend ourselves as me, him or her, we defend justice, humanity.

If we die in this hunger strike, you have to know that we were only looking to be appreciated, and to be freed, we want justice, love, and humanity. And, we are on this hunger strike against the oppression that is happening to all of us in here.

We know that you all defend right, and will stand next to us because you know the good side from the bad, and you defend the good side. We ask that you stand by us on the 9th of May for a Friday of Anger.

Your brothers from Israeli jails.

9th of May 2014.

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