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Libyan, a Saudi and a Sudanese of al-Qaeda are killed in Lattakia countryside


Syrian Army forces carries out military operations against locations of al-Nusra Front of al-Qaeda organization of Lattakia countryside.

Operation carried out by Syrian Army occur against the locations of al-Nusra Front killing dozens of them, including the Sudanese Muhammad al-Qayem, the Saudi Tarafa al-Ghamdi, the Libyan Ammar al-Marzouqi and Bilal Sef al-Haq in al-Farz village, according to Breaking News Network reporter.

The reporter points out that another operation carried out by Syrian Army occur in al-Sukary village, what led to the death of the rebel leader Ali Askaar and many of its groups

Operations for Syrian Army continue by killing the rebel leader of the so-called Bader battalion Atwan al-Asere and a number of his members in Qasab village

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