London hosts Gaza resistance event

National demonstration in London called over the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces. The protest called by the Stop the War Coalition, The Palestinian Soldidarity Campaign, CND, War on Want, BMI, IFE and Friends of Al Aqsa marcheds from Downing street to t

It was a gathering of some of the most outspoken voices on the issue of oppression and resistance; speakers affiliated with resistance movements in Africa, Europe and the Middle East – including the legendary Palestinian activist Leila Khaled who made her contribution via video link-gathered to share their own experiences of resistance and a way forward for those fighting imperialism in Gaza and beyond.
For those in attendance, grass-roots level activism means sharing information and encouraging a greater sense of activism in an effort to make fighting oppression a truly global act. With the recent bombardment of Gaza by the Israelis leaving nearly two thousand dead, the ongoing war on Syria and the crisis unfolding in the rest of the region, organisers wanted to not just highlight the spectre of imperialism, oppression and occupation but flag up one message: unite or die. Organisers have promised that events like these will not simply be a talking shop but a way of mobilizing support and giving a platform to voices that support the struggle faced by the people of Palestine and beyond.

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