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Londoners protest increasing homelessness rates in UK


Hundreds of people have gathered on the streets of London in protest at authorities’ failure to lower the rate of homelessness in the UK.

Travel chaos erupted in central London as Whitehall was blocked by British homelessness campaigners marching towards Parliament Square on Wednesday.

The protesters chanted “No more deaths on our streets” in reference to the 149 homeless people who died in London last year, RT reported

“I am marching today to show solidarity as a witness to the huge plight of homelessness in the UK,” a protester said before the rally began.

According to the report, the UK has experienced a 55-percent rise in homelessness since British Prime Minster David Cameron assumed office in 2010, with some 742 people sleeping in the cold each night in London.

The marchers also called for voting registration of homeless people before the UK’s upcoming general elections in May.

“People need support from society not to be kicked when they are down. They are being killed by the cold and indifference, and are running out of places to turn to as austerity hits the services they use,” another protester said.

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