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Maj. Gen. Safavi: West concerned about formation of great Islamic power

Top Military Aide to the Iranian Leader, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, said that the West is worried about the formation of great Islamic power.

The Islamic Republic is a central part of Islamic civilization and this issue has worried the West about the formation of great Islamic power in the contemporary world, he said

Addressing a local ceremony in Qom on Thursday, he said “after USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) collapse, the US government made its utmost effort to balance power in the world unilaterally but competition with other countries such as People’s Republic of China is one of the major challenges of the United States in future in military, economic and technological power.”

Some 75 percent of crude oil reserves and also 57 percent of natural gas reserves are owned by Islamic countries, Safavi reiterated.

About 90 percent of global trade and transport is done via sea, he said, adding that 11 important waterway canals are under control of Muslim countries. This shows the great power of the Islamic world in the international arena, he added.

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