Major escalation in northern Syria results in heavy losses for Turkish-backed forces

The Turkish-backed forces have recently suffered heavy losses in the northern region of Syria, following fierce firefights with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near ‘Ain ‘Issa.

According to reports from the Al-Raqqa Governorate, the Turkish-backed forces began their attacks against the Syrian Democratic Forces earlier this week, prompting the latter to return fire north of ‘Ain ‘Issa.

The Turkish-backed militants continued their attacks over a 72-hour period, resulting in numerous losses for their troops, including a number of dead fighters that were left in a “No Man’s Land” type battlefield.

Some reports from the ‘Ain ‘Issa countryside have said that the two sides have reached a temporary truce, brokered by Russia, to collect their dead over the next few hours in northern Al-Raqqa.

However, even with the temporary truce, it appears that the Turkish army and their allied militants are dead set on targeting the Syrian Democratic Forces in ‘Ain ‘Issa and possibly pushing to capture the town.

Turkish army drones have already been spotted over this region in the past 72 hours, as they have carried out sporadic attacks against the SDF and Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

On Tuesday, the Syrian Arab Army shot down a Turkish drone that previously attacked its forces in the ‘Ain ‘Issa countryside.

While the Syrian Arab Army is not a participant in the clashes, they have been monitoring the situation closely, as the Turkish-backed militants sporadically attack their troops.

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