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Martyrdom of Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi

“Of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by death (in battle), and some of them are waiting; and they have not altered at least”
(Qur’an 33:22)

Dr Abd el Aziz Al – Rantisi, leader and one of Hamas founders, assassinated by the Zionist Israeli army.
At about 6 pm on Saturday evening two Zionist helicopters hit the car in which were Dr Abd el Aziz Al – Rantisi, leader of Hamas, and two other bodyguards the bodyguards were killed on the spot. Dr Rantisi (57 years old) died half an hour later at the hospital.

Who is Dr Abd el Aziz?

Dr Abd el Aziz was born in a city (now occupied by the Israeli Zionists) of Yepna on 23/10/1947. A year later his whole family had to move to Gaza escaping the Israeli massacres where they lived in Khan Younis. On completing his school education, he went to Egypt to study medicine. He got an MA as a pediatrician to become one of the first doctors in Gaza Strip. In Egypt he got acquainted with the Muslim Brotherhood there to become a Muslim activist.
Dr Abd el Aziz worked in so many places as a physician and as a voluntary worker in Islamic and benevolent societies. Soon after founding the Islamic University in Gaza he became a lecturer where he taught courses related to his major.
Dr Abd el Aziz Al Rantisi had the honor to participate in establishing the Islamic Resistance Movement (Mamas) with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and other five people in 1987 at the beginning of the first Intifada(Uprising).

Prison, Exile …crowned with Martyrdom

Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) was threatened by the unbelievers either to be imprisoned, exiled or killed. Actually, the three threats were applied on Dr Rantisi. He was imprisoned (for about 12 years). The first time was in 1983 at a time when almost very few people knew what occupation was and very few also knew how to resist occupation. At that time he refused to pay taxes stating that the Israeli Zionists are occupying our land and thus we should not pay them any tax.
He was imprisoned in 1988 four two years and six months after he was released he was imprisoned again for his activities in resisting the occupation. And from his prison he was sent to exile with about 417 Muslim activists to Southern Lebanon to spend more that one year in a freezing and desert area; however, nothing could keep him away from his rights to fight the occupation. When the exiled people came back he was again sent to the Israeli occupation prison.
In mid 1997 he was released to continue his role in leading Hamas but to be imprisoned this time not by the Zionists but by the Palestinians where he spent about two years and a half in Palestinian prisons only because he was defending the right of Palestinians and because he was always brave in saying the truth— that the Zionists understand nothing but the language of blood and fighting.
At the beginning of the current Intifada (what is known by Al Aqsa intifada) he was set free to continue his life which was full of struggle, fighting, and injustice.

Dr Abd el Aziz… a life of Jihad and struggle.

Nothing could make him change his ideas as long as he was sure he was right. Dr Rantisi was threatened tens of times both by the Palestinian Authority and the Israelis Zionist occupation to be killed or imprisoned, but they were ignorant enough to think that he fears them. It was only last year when Allah saved his life from a Zionist assassination attempt; from his bed he stated one of his most powerful statements (though he was injured) that we (Palestinians) will leave no Zionist on our land.
Why was he assassinated?

The same question was answered when the Jews (the descendants of apes and swine) assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. When the Sheikh was assassinated Dr Abd el Aziz was appointed leader of Hamas in Gaza Strip. When asked by the press if he did not fear that he might meet the same fate of sheikh Yassin, Dr Rantisi remained steadfast(as usual) and said, “I strongly believe that we all will die sooner or later by a heart attack, by a car accident, .. or by a missile. And I prefer to die with a missile from an Apache rather than surrender to the Zionists and leave my people and rights for them” actually his dream came true.

In a word, Rantisi was killed only because he was a true believer in Allah. He was killed because he was calling people for the everlasting call of Islam “there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is His Messenger”. He was assassinated because he never agreed to concede a handful of Palestinian sand to the Zionist Israelis. He was killed because he was courageous. He was killed because he always had a dream that Palestinians will one day or another go back to their Homeland. He was killed because he strongly believed in the right of return to our refugees. He was killed because he was a Muslim.
It is important to say that Dr Rantisi memorized the whole Holy Quran with Sheikh Yassin in the Israeli solitary confinement. Dr Rantisi was also a famous poet where he wrote long poems which dealt with the hardships Palestinians face and calling them to fight the Israeli occupation.

Farewell Dr Rantisi!

Meanwhile, Qassam Brigades, the Military wing of Hamas movement, vowed that they are going to take revenge as soon as possible for the killing of both the spiritual leader of Hamas Movement and the newly appointed leader, Dr Rantisi. “The Israelis have opened the gates of hell,” assured a masked member of Hamas who refused to add more or comment stating that actions speak louder than words. As a first reaction, Qassam Brigades rained the Zionist Jewish settlement with mortars and Qassam rockets.
Resistance is inevitable as Hamas is going to avenge the assassination with martyrdom Operations. The members of Hamas on the scene started to shout for revenge.

We Ask Allah to shower him with His mercy

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