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Martyred Leaders: on the Road to Palestine They Fell


The victory Hezbollah fighters achieved throughout a long journey of 31 years of Jihad against the Zionist entity targeting Lebanon hasn’t been happened by chance. There were 31 months of February, where each of them narrates its own story of sacrifice.

Under the Zionist invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and the submission of political echelon to Zionist agents and allies, Sheikh Ragheb Harb was the Imam who shouldered the responsibility of defending the people of the occupied south, without sparing any effort to address lectures after every Friday’s prayer. The lectures he delivered – especially during the last two years of his life – were carrying the essence of Jihad which led the regional Resistance against the Zionist occupation at that time.

Damo sh-Shaheed itha saqat, Fa bi yadellahi yasqot

“When the blood of a martyr falls, in the Hand of Allah it falls”

Sheikh Ragheb Harb

Living in the southern Lebanese village of Jibsheet amid Zionist troops wreaking havoc left and right, Sheikh Harb was the voice of truth, the sound of wisdom and the mirror of occupation for every single free man being oppressed.

The spiritual leadership of Sheikh Harb haunted the beds of Zionists. The entity which was bragging about its undefeatable arrogant power suddenly became panic and sent its recruited agent Danny Abdallah, a Lebanese criminal living now in Denmark, at the dawn of February 16, 1984, to assassinate the Sheikh and end his Jihadist course of life by the holy martyrdom.

If it weren’t for Sheikh Harb’s speech of mobilization against the brutal Zionist aggression, the Lebanese land wouldn’t be blessed by the victory of 1985, when the Zionist troops had forcibly withdrew from the major Lebanese cities and deployed over what they called later the “security zone.”

Hezbollah remained loyal to the memorial of Sheikh Ragheb Harb. It kept commemorating his martyrdom every year on the same day to ensure the commitment to the Resistance approach and the steadfastness of the southern people against the occupation.
Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi
On the same day after eight years, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi, went to Jibsheet to attend the commemoration of Sheikh Harb’s martyrdom. In the meantime, Zionist apache helicopters were hovering over the area, and bombed the motorcade of the Sayyed on his way to Beirut, killing him, his wife, their five-year son and four other people.

However, the fruit of victory Hezbollah gained through the military operations carried out against the Zionist posts and soldiers along with the party’s progress, turned it to be a real threat to the occupation authority, which decided to assassinate its leaders, believing that cutting off the head of Resistance would weaken it and led to its defeat.

Moreover, Ronen Bergman, a Zionist investigative journalist and author, argued at that time that assassination of Sayyed Moussawi would lead to changes in the course of Middle Eastern history, and he was totally right. The result of the murder didn’t meet the Zionists’ expectations; and on that day, Hezbollah declared a new dawn has been emerged by the appointment of Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah to be the new Secretary General of the party; the fact which imposed a new course of Resistance concepts.

The history records that since Sayyed Nasrallah mastered the leadership of Hezbollah, the party achieved the victory after the other, in which it became the savior of the oppressed peoples in the Middle East following the unconditional withdrawal of the Zionist troops from the largest part of the occupied southern Lebanon and the divine victory of 2006 it achieved. Those two victories were led by the invisible man, leader Hajj Imad Moughnieh.

Moughnieh had never appeared on TVs or published photos. He was the ghost of whom the enemy feared in every place and time, the real reason behind assassinating him in Syria on February 13, 2008. Yet, Martyr Hajj Imad had worked for the satisfaction of Allah and achieved great successes, the most of which hadn’t been tackled by media outlets.

No doubt that the blood of our martyred leaders will bring the decisive victory, the victory that Allah Almighty promised us to achieve, this victory of liberating the Holy Land of Palestine.

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