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Martyrs Wills: Words Illustrating the Love of Resistance, Lebanon

The Martyr’s Day has come, bringing along an atmosphere which most people live every day, the atmosphere filled with the martyrs’ memories, and essences.

They are the ones who sacrificed their lives, souls, and pleasures of life in order to provide a better one for the people of their country, their nation.

The martyrs’ faces, voices, and resumes will always be revived on this day and other days that illustrate the path which they have been going through all their lives.

In their wills, their words are written with pure honesty and love, great clarity and tranquility, wrapped with the love of Allah, on the path of Imam Hussein, to continue the cause of resistance against the aggressive enemies.

A martyr’s will is considered to be sanctity that should be implemented.

Moqawama.org chose to gather some of the prominent Islamic Resistance Martyrs’ wills, which tackle the many aspect of their lives, illustrating the path of the resistance.

Salah Ghandour, also known as Malak, addresses his fellow resistant in his will, stressing that it is true that the path of resistance is tough and full of challenges, yet expressed that if they maintain their faith in Allah and their path, then they will God willing succeed in their task.

Another prominent martyr in the Islamic Resistance is Mohammad Monif Ashmar, who on his part addresses in his will the resistant fighters, saying that this is the time where Jihad is needed to defend Islam.

The Islamic Resistance’s operations revolved over the “Israeli” enemy and how to defeat it. In this context, their wills show their mere understanding of their tasks, and how important it is to sacrifice their souls, to keep others alive.

Martyr Jalal Ali Blaybleh, believes in his will that Jihad is a special value in Islam, where it revealed the strength of the nation and its unity, especially on the level of what Muslims have done to prevent incitement.

After “Israeli” aggressions started to increase against Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance’s main goal was to defeat the so called “undefeatable” army, and thus the martyrs’ wills always contained a great deal of words highlighting the importance of anti-“Israeli” resistance.

Martyr Hani Ali Taha says, “We know that the “Israel” people talk about, that it’s an undefeatable power, does not hold anything in front of the Mujahedeen’s fists and the martyrs’ blood”.

On the other hand, stressing on the path of the resistance is found in all the martyrs’ wills, including what Sayyed Abbas Moussawi said, “The major will is to protect the Islamic Resistance”.

“My brothers, you should know that the Islamic Resistance is our pride and dignity, and I call upon u to protect and defend the Islamic Resistance”, said Martyr Hassan Abbass Yassine.

Words that are repeated regularly, reminding people of souls who went immortal in Allah’s present after the most pure meaning of sacrifice, in defend of their country, families and people.

Wills of martyrs are to future ones, to minds, souls, and hearts that beat hard for the love of Lebanon, the love of sacrifice.

No matter how much someone declares his or her love to Lebanon, the only ones honest and loyal to that love are the martyrs.

Pure as angels, their love to their soil, wind, mountains and shore, made them the Martyrs of the Islamic Resistance, the Heroic Martyrs of Lebanon.

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