Massive ISIS offensive in Deir Ezzor takes disastrous turn: 30 terrorists killed



ISIS launched a massive offensive in the Deir Ezzor Governorate on Friday, targeting the Syrian government controlled district of Tartuh near the western bank of the Euphrates River. ISIS began the assault by launching a VBIED (vehicle borne improvised explosive device) at the eastern perimeter of the Tartuh District; however, this terrorist attack was foiled before it could ever reach its intended target (pictured below): The Syrian Armed Forces were able to foil the VBIED attack after firing 4 RPG rounds at the vehicl; this resulted in the death of 2 ISIS terrorists near one of their gatherings in Tartuh.

Following the failed VBIED attack, ISIS stormed the Tartuh District from two axes: northeastern perimeter (Euphrates River) and the Al-Sina’a District to the southeast. ISIS’ offensive would not last for long, thanks in large part to the stiff defenses of the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade and the Al-Qassem Group. The Syrian Armed Forces were able to repel the ISIS assault after two hours of nonstop fighting that resulted in the death of over 30 terrorists, including 3 field commanders:

Mustapha Al-Hiddawi (AKA: “Abu Muhammad Al-Ansari” of Deir Ezzor)

“Abu Al-Hafis Al-Tabouki (Saudi)

Abu Hajer Al-Khayr (no information provided)

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