Massive march in Manama demanding the fall of the regime

Informed Local sources reported that a massive march went out in the center of the capital Manama, demanding the departure of the Al Khalifa regime. The leader of the opposition, Fadi Al Abbas holds the regime responsible for the crisis in the country.
The source said that the secret march came out in Manama, demanding the fall of the regime, adding that the massive march was organized by the youth coalition of the revolution of February 14 in Manama under the slogan “In memory of the martyrs of the revolution.”

The leader of the Bahraini Wefaq opposition Jalal Fairuz said that the Interior Ministry refused to receive notice of the association for the Friday march, stressing that the Bahraini opposition is determined to return to the street and demonstrate despite the prevention of authorities.

It is noteworthy that many of the towns and villages of Bahrain is witnessing for more than a year and a half rallies demanding the departure of Al Khalifa regime and the creation of a democratic system which guarantees the rights of the people and the eliminated the discrimination.

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