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Massive protests to greet Idiot US president in UK

British protesters are set to greet US President Donald Trump during his second visit to Britain with a giant orange baby blimp and a robot version of him that talks and tweets while answering nature’s call.

The “Trump Baby,” which was flown during the American president’s first UK visit in July 2018 much to the protesters’ admiration, makes a return during Trump’s stay in London, Reuters reported.

The organizers had launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £30,000 ($38,000) needed to fly the blimp again.

“Trump will try his best to avoid the public on his trip, but with Trump Baby flying we’re sending a very clear message of solidarity to those affected by his despicable politics,” said Ajuub Faraji, one of the organizers, who label themselves Trump blimp “Babysitters.”

‘Dumping Trump’

A US creator of fantasy film creatures is also contributing ‘Dumping Trump’ to the protests planned during his trip which will last from Monday through Wednesday.

The 16-foot robot murmurs some of the president’s well-known quotes while sitting on a golden toilet holding a cellphone, an apparent jab at Trump’s unhealthy tweeting habits.

Picture provided by Washington Examiner shows ‘Dumping Trump,’ a robot modeled after US President Donald Trump.

“I am proud of the British that they go out in the streets to insult Trump. We don’t seem to do it. So, I wanted to debut it there in London,” political commentary website Washington Examiner cited the inventor Don Lessem as saying.

“He is such an embarrassment…We just sit around and think we can wait it out. We need to express what an injustice this is, how much we are betraying democracy,” he added.

Britain is to throw Trump a ceremonial welcome during the visit, which he is to make on an invitation from Queen Elizabeth. The stay is to feature a lavish banquet at Buckingham Palace and lunch with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

However, the trip has been described as the “bare minimum” by some media outlets because, according to sources, Trump was not going to receive many of the usual features due to the widespread protests.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who had criticized the government’s decision to offer such a high honor to Trump this year, has given the organizers of the iconic protests the greenlight to proceed with their plans.

‘250,000-strong protest’

As with the previous visit, hundreds of thousands of protesters lie in waiting for the US commander-in-chief outraged by his policies, which they say serve to disunite the international community.

According to Daily Mail, the main protest will be held in central London on Tuesday with organizers claiming a quarter of a million will march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square.

PressTV-Over 250k to protest Trump's visit to UK

Over 250k to protest Trump’s visit to UKMore than 250,000 people are expected to take to streets in the UK to decry a state visit by the US president.

The paper said the rally is expected to “paralyze” the British capital.

Trump’s ‘killing team’ on guard

The US president will be accompanied by his specialist “killing team,” also known asHawkeyeduring the visit,according to the Daily Express.

More than 20,000 police officers are also to be deployed at 20 separate events planned across the country in a security operation the Daily Mail said was expected to cost about £18 million.

Some estimate that the protection costs will reach around £25 million to create a “secure zone” around Buckingham Palace, the Express said.

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