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Mexicans grow united over Trump’s border wall, urge US goods boycott


Mexican patriotism has surged in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to start building a wall on the Mexican border and threats to have Mexicans pay for it.

Using the hashtag #WeAreAllMexico on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people across the Latin American country have been punctuating anti-Trump tweets with patriotic phrases like “Viva Mexico!” and expressing pride that they reside in “the best country in the world.”

Many in the country, which neighbors the US on its northern border, have replaced their profile pictures on social media sites with the Mexican flag.

Mexico’s presidential spokesman, foreign and finance ministers as well as government departments have also put up the national flag as their profile photo on Twitter.

Moreover, some people have been pushing for a ban on popular American products in the country. Hashtags to that end include: #AdiosProductosGringos (Goodbye Gringo products), #AdiosStarbucks, #AdiosMcDonalds and #AdiosCocaCola.


Meanwhile, President Enreique Pena Nieto, whose popularity dropped to 12 percent earlier in January following protest rallies over gasoline price hikes, has capitalized on the renewed patriotic fervor.

A border patrol agent looks over the US-Mexico border wall in Calexico, California, in the Imperial Valley, January 31, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

In a video message released on Monday, Pena Nieto boasted about the newly-emerged “national unity” and declared that it “must be the cornerstone of our strategy and our actions inside and outside the country.”

“Today like never before, I feel proud to be Mexican,” he said.

The Mexican president also pledged to remain firm in defending the country’s “dignity and independence” from Washington, though he said that his telephone conversation with Trump on Friday “opened spaces” for the two governments to continue their dialog.


Pena Nieto canceled a scheduled visit to Washington this week to meet with Trump after the new American president ordered the construction of the border wall.

Even opposition leaders have rallied behind Pena Nieto. His longtime rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has applauded the cancellation of the trip.

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