‘MI6 seeks drug money in Afghanistan’


Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor with Veterans Today, about Britain’s intelligence agency MI6 demanding more spies to be sent to Afghanistan amid concerns that the war-torn country could become an “intelligence vacuum” after British troops’ withdrawal.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We are hearing the MI6 saying there is going to be a security vacuum in Afghanistan. What do you think that precisely means and what do you think these intelligence agencies are going to be up to in Afghanistan?

Duff: I think they are going to Afghanistan to help manage the one hundred billion dollar a year drug industry, moving heroin through Afghanistan, managing the banking for the heroin industry through London banks. I can’t think of anything else they would do there.

There is no history of terrorism involving Afghanistan and Britain or Afghanistan and the United States. That was long disproven, this debunked over a decade ago.

There is no reason for the US or Britain who have been in Afghanistan other than the fact that they do not seem to have the common sense to leave.

Press TV: So you are saying that up until now there have been spies from the US, from Britain in Afghanistan involved in the drug trade?

Duff: Yes, the CIA, MI6 and other intelligence agencies have been running drug trafficking in the world. Certainly since Vietnam, the British intelligence services were running world drug trafficking in the 1840’s at the time of the Opium Wars.

They have always managed the world’s opium and heroin trafficking. It is something the British empire is known for. The British began heroin certainly opium production in Afghanistan. It is their industry. They have been doing it for well over a hundred years and it is extremely profitable. It funds all of their other activities and there is no reason for them to want to leave it.

There is no other interest they have. MI6 does not have the capability to impact the intelligence or military situation in Afghanistan in a positive way, whatsoever.

Press TV: So how could this be under way Mr. Duff, with the knowledge of the Afghan government?

Duff: With a hundred billion dollars moving around, it is not just the Afghan government. There are key members of the British government who are paid tens of millions of dollars a year.

Over four hundred million dollars of Afghan drug money went into the last American congressional elections. Afghan drug money is the lubrication that runs much of the world’s politics.

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