Militant Groups in Aleppo Ready to Leave Jeish Al-Fatah Coalition



Gaps are widening between the terrorist groups trapped in the Eastern districts of Aleppo and the Jeish al-Fatah leadership in Idlib due to what the former call “indifference of Idlib’s command center to the collapse of the militants’ front in Aleppo”, local sources said Monday.

“The terrorist groups in the Eastern part of Aleppo have been fighting to remove the government forces’ siege on the city, but Jeish al-Fatah’s command center in Idlib has ordered its fighters to break through the army positions in Western Aleppo to find access to its neighborhoods and loot people’s properties,” the sources said.

“Commanders of the terrorist groups that have recently joined Jeish al-Fatah and formed a new coalition have called for defection from the coalition due to Jeish al-Fatah’s totally different objectives in the Aleppo war,” they added.

“More than 3,200 militants have been killed in clashes with government forces in recent weeks to lift the army siege on Aleppo’s Eastern districts,” the sources said, adding, “The Takfiri terrorists’ Saudi Mofti, Abdullah al-Moheisini’s attempts to narrow the gaps among the terrorist groups have, thus far, failed.”

Opposition sources confirmed on Sunday that differences among the terrorist groups forming Jeish al-Fatah coalition intensified and their coalition was almost on verge of collapse following their failures in Aleppo battlefields.

“Jeish al-Fatah’s violations of civilians’ rights in Aleppo and rogue decisions of the coalition’s commanders over war plans in Aleppo battlefields have weakened their unity significantly,” sources close to the Operation Room for Conquest of Aleppo said.

“The Operation Room, which once was the representative of at least 22 militant groups forming Jeish al-Fatah coalition, is on verge of collapse,” the sources added.

“The leaders of militant groups’ believe that field commanders of Jeish al-Fatah are some non-Syrian mercenaries who do not care Syrian commanders of the coalition and try to leave them alone behind military academy buildings to be killed by government forces,” they added.

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