Mishaal pushes for immediate launch of Gaza reconstruction projects

images_News_2014_09_14_mishaal_300_0Khaled Mishaal, head of Hamas political bureau, on Saturday called for the need to press ahead with the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, boost the national reconciliation process, and prosecute Israeli war criminals as key- procedures to reinforce Gaza’s victory.

Addressing an audience gathering at the headquarters of the Congress for the Republic Party in Tunisia on Saturday, Mishaal called for the urgent execution of the Gaza reconstruction bids, without further procrastination or delay.

“Reconstruction shall not be the exclusive privilege of one political party or movement. It is rather to be rather allotted to all Gazans,” he said. “Go to Gaza and provide people with an-on-the-spot assistance. Any otherwise provided excuses shall be left behind our backs.”

Mishaal stressed the need to boost up the reconciliation process and restructure the Palestine Liberation Organization, along with the reinforcement of national cooperation, all privileges to be better founded on the ballot.

In Mishaal’s words, the national rift is over and any ongoing disagreements should be sorted out via direct communication rather than backbiting via media outlets.

The Hamas leader compared pathetic negotiations with the Israeli occupation to “begging at the enemies doors’” in such a humiliating manner.

He called on Palestinians and Arabs to draw lessons from the repertoire of byzantine negotiations in which the Palestinian Authority has been engaged for 20 years. But Hamas welcomes any political and diplomatic move as long as it is to proceed in line with the agendas of the Palestinian resistance, he added.

In Mishaal’s words, a national strategy is quite urgently needed to spearhead the fight against the Israeli invader

“Dozens have served in manufacturing arms, digging tunnels, and trying to foil the siege under very harsh conditions aimed at backing us off from our resistance,” he declared. “But Gaza has given the world prototypical lessons in the very meaning of self-will and perseverance.”

Mishaal urged PA chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, to apply again to accede to the Rome Statute and seek jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) without further delay so as to be able to pursue Israeli war crimes.

He said Israel’s impeachment is the responsibility of all Palestinians, Arabs, and the international community to drive the Israeli occupation into a “tsunami” of international isolation.

“Israel should reckon that it has become a burden on the shoulders of western countries, Christians, and Jews alike, a fanatic heretic against human ethics,” he maintained.

Mishaal called on Arabs and Muslims to back up the Palestinian cause and speak up against the malevolent Israeli schemes.

“Many of our tragedies, as Arabs, have been wrought on us by the Israeli occupation, even when it comes to our local arena,” he charged.

According to Mishaal the most fruitful Arab investments are the ones devoted to the Palestinian cause. True, they “might be tiresome; yet they are very rewarding.” Such investments “shall lift our heads up high in the sky,” he vowed.

Mishaal hailed the Tunisian government and people for their pro-Palestine positions and willingness to stand by Palestinians “like nobody else did.”

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