Moallem: We Dare Anyone to Present Evidence on Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons


Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem assured that all the talk about an imminent strike consists of lies, pointing out that any strike to be carried against Syria serves the interests of “Israel” and al-Nusra front.
During a press conference held on Monday, al-Moallem stressed that Syria will defend itself with all tools possible in case it is attacked.

He accentuated that any possible military strike against Syria will not affect the accomplishments of the Syrian army and its advances in Eastern al-Ghouta, guaranteeing “Syria is not an easy grab, and has tools with which it will defend itself, it will surprise everyone.”

“If they want to launch an aggression on Syria, the pretext of using chemical weapons is inaccurate, and if the aim of their campaign is to affect the Syrians’ morale, they are mistaken… and I challenge them to show their evidence,” al-Moallem added.

On the arrival of the international team of investigators, al-Moallem declared “Syria has immediately agreed to the UN requests and there was no delay, and I say to US Secretary of State John Kerry that we are not obstructing UN inspectors’ work.”

Questioning claims that the Syrian regime deliberately delayed the coming of the UN team to Syria, he said “The first time we called on the UN to visit Syria and witness the evidence that the opposition had used chemical weapons, it took them five months to come,” adding “We are not supervisors of the UN inspectors, they are independent in their work, we only facilitate their work.”

Regarding the UN team investigations in Syria, al-Moallem said that Russian experts have presented a detailed report to the UN on the Khan al-Assal attacks and confiscated material in Joubar area, which is part of the evidence on the terrorist groups’ use of chemical weapons the Syrian regime will reveal in the right time.”

He iterated that in case there is any proof the armed groups have resorted to the use of chemical weapons, the West will conceal that.
Al-Moallem also reminded that the UN inspection team was shot at by snipers as it entered a region controlled by the armed groups in Eastern al-Ghouta.
Al-Moallem, answered questions on the position of bordering countries and major players in the crisis.

Concerning Jordan, al-Moallem said “Jordan’s benefit lies in standing by Syria because Jordan’s security is related to Syria’s security, hence Jordan it is normal that Jordan will not use its territories to launch an attack against Syria.”
On a related note, al-Moallem refrained from commenting on the Turkish stance of joining the strike against Syria. Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu had stated that Turkey will take part in the attack against the Syrian regime.
Al-Moallem underlined ” I will not comment on Ahmet Davutoglu’s statement that it will take part in any possible intervention in Syria. If the balance of the Turkish leadership was upset by what happened in Egypt, this upset plunge deeper due to what is going on in Syria.”

Commenting on the Geneva II conference, the Syrian FM believed, “Since the beginning, we have doubted the US intentions towards the Geneva Conference, and we told our Russian friends we trust you but we do not trust the US because it does not want a political solution and the reason is clear which is that “Israel” does not want this solution, but rather wants the continuance of violence and terrorism.”

Furthermore, al-Moallem highlighted that “What has been taking place in Syria and Iraq is an implementation of a policy drawn in 2009 to reach Iran.” He also emphasized total coordination between Iran and Syria in the different fields.
Al-Moallem also noted to the historic relations between Syria and Russia; the latter has not given up on its Syrian ally as coordination is almost on daily basis.

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