More academic bodies must join Boycott Israel: Analyst

Demonstrators shout slogans as a man holds a banner during an anti-Israel protest in front of Chamber of Commerce Israel-Catalunya in BarcelonaMore academic associations must follow in the footsteps of the American Studies Association (ASA) in its endorsement of a widespread boycott of Israeli universities, an analyst says.

“It (Boycott Israel movement) must be expanded into a full-scale assault on Israeli lobby subversion of America to rip it out by the roots,” Jim W. Dean wrote in a column for Press TV on Sunday.

“We will never be safe as long as they can operate freely. If they are to be victims, let them be victims of their own stupidity and treason toward the rest of us,” he said.

Dean noted that “the Boycott Israel movement got a major moral shot in the arm recently” following the ASA’s endorsement.

He said the Zionists have “run extensive academic espionage operations here on the old communist model.”
The campaign to cut off ties with Israeli academic institutions dates back a decade, but it was not until April that an American academic group of any size endorsed a boycott.

The boycott calls on American schools and academic groups to ban collaboration with Israeli institutions, but individual Israeli scholars who do not represent Tel Aviv would still be able to attend academic events in the United States.

On Friday, Israel’s former ambassador to US, Michael Oren, warned that more organizations are likely to boycott Israeli academia.

Dean said “Israeli operatives” have been “subverting” US institutions to “serve special interests that is putting wind into the sails of the anti-Zionist movement now.”

“Militant Zionists and their 5th column in the US have a growing concern of the increasingly open opposition to their long record of crimes against humanity and ongoing cover-up. They know they have done these things and have pumped massive resources into stacking the deck to block any justice being served upon them,” wrote Dean.

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