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More aid convoys for Gaza

An international opinion poll conducted by the Press TV website suggests Israel’s unprovoked attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla in international waters which left 20 activists dead should not hinder efforts to reach out to the residents of the besieged coastal sliver.

Roughly 80% of the respondents believed not only should Israeli leaders be brought to justice, but more aid convoys should be sent to the Gaza Strip. And only a tiny fraction suggested further aid convoys should be prevented.

Interestingly enough, the majority (around 28%) of those who believed in the prosecution of Israeli officials and dispatching more aid convoys were from the United States followed by respondents from Britain (roughly 15%) and the Netherlands (more than 12%) respectively.

Almost half of the respondents who said no more aid convoys should be dispatched were US nationals. Respondents from Nigeria were the second largest group who ruled out sending in more aid convoys (around 8%).

Of all those polled, around 29% were from the US. Britons made up 14% of the respondents, and more than 10% were Dutch. The rest came from other countries.

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