More than 50m people eligible to vote in Presidential Election


Iran’s Interior Minister says over 50 million people are eligible to vote in Presidential Election.
Mostafa Mohammad Najar, who was speaking in the press conference in the sidelines of his meeting with the governor and the deputy governors for security affairs, said that “we have only 17 days until Election Day,” and that “this meeting was held for the last coordination efforts between the provincial governors and in order to review the implementation of election process.”

The Interior Minister added that the law was the only basis for the Interior Ministry agenda. “During this election we have considered using 130,000 ballet boxes, which requires hard work and great coordination.”

Najar pointed to the number of eligible voters, voting on this election said: “50,483,192 people are eligible to vote in the election, which 1,631,206 being the first-time voters.”

He also stated that as of May 28, 2013, the advertising campaign for the Fourth Municipal Councils Election would begin, and continued: “so far, the candidates have obeyed the rules, and we urge them to keep the moral up until the Election Day.”

He also provided comments about the arrangements for voting aboard for Iranian citizen living overseas. “285 polling centers in different countries have been setup, and we have planed all necessary requirements in this regard, so our fellow citizen living overseas would be able to cast their votes as well,” he said.

Najar also pointed to the arrangements setup for the two-stage elections. “If election does not result in a clear winner on June 14, according to the rules, the second round will be held on the first Friday after the election. And the Interior Ministry has done all the necessary arrangements in this regard.”

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