Mossad Attempted to Dry Nile Up


Another batch of leaks cited report that “Israel” tried to cause drought in Egypt, following previous claims about Mossad machinations.

Mossad Attempted to Dry Nile UpThe released spy cables again raised startling claims about “Israeli” intelligence. The latest revelations included further allegations against Mossad by South Africa’s spy agency, the State Security Agency [SSA].

The 56-page SSA report asserted that the Zionist entity had for decades worked to artificially create a drought in Egypt.

Still, the report mentioned that “Towards this end “Israel’s” Ministry of Science and Technology conducted extensive experiments, and eventually created a type of plant that flourishes on the surface or the banks of the Nile and that absorbs such large quantities of water as to significantly reduce the volume of water that reaches Egypt”.

Likewise, it was revealed that the SSA had extensively monitored an “Israeli” spy. It had received a Mossad assessment that contradicted “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s public statements, and that it believed the Zionist government’s flagship airline El Al was used as a front for clandestine activities.

The SSA also circulated a report in 2009 accusing “Israel” of using espionage to pursue its interests in Africa such as “working assiduously to encircle and isolate Sudan from the outside, and to fuel insurrection inside Sudan”.

The SSA further asserted that “Israel” had a longstanding desire to exploit Africa’s resources and “plans to appropriate African diamonds and process them in “Israel””.
An additional claim in the report was that “Israeli” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was “facilitating contracts for “Israelis” to train various militias” during a 2009 diplomatic visit to Africa.

In addition, the cables also cited a Mossad paper sent to the SSA that warned of an attempt to deliver yellowcake, needed to refine uranium, to Iran from South Africa.
Yet another report declared American intelligence “seems to be desperate to make inroads into Hamas in Gaza” and might have hoped for South African assistance.

The cables additionally stated that former Mossad chief Meir Dagan that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was concerned about international acceptance of a UN inquiry into alleged “Israeli” war crimes, which could “play into the hands of Hamas and weaken his position”.
Henceforth, Pretoria had become a major hub for global espionage, serving as a gateway into an Africa that was increasingly at the center of international power struggles.

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