MP: Iran would abandon talks in case of a third stage


A member of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has said Iran would walk out of nuclear talks if it entered a third stage.
Mohammad Kowsari told Mehr News Parliamentary correspondent that except for initial agreements in Geneva in November 2013, no other breakthrough deal was signed; “we believe that after a year and so, practically there has been no agreement at all; extension of talks is an outcome and indication of failure of both sides in hammering out a deal, which forced them to extend the time to negotiate,” he said.

“The government should not put all his eggs on the negotiation basket; if it expects a successful negotiation, it should set limits to that so that it would not go beyond the line,” said Kowsari, “if this second stage of talks also fails, and there is a third stage, the government should abandon it altogether; if the government does not have the support of the nation inside, it definitely will concede damage,” he emphasized, recommending the government that it had better to ‘rely on domestic capabilities for country’s development,’ with distrust evident in the behavior of the west and the US.

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