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MP Moussawi: March 8 Unified, March 14 to Lead Lebanon to Civil War

Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc Member, Nawwaf Moussawi indicated that “the responsibility of our political team [March 8] is being in charge of building a capable, strong, and just state.”

“No one is allowed to languish immunizing and enhancing it [the state],” MP Moussawi stated, adding that the leaders of this team are loyal and aware of this stage’s necessities, where they possess the ability to maintain the power of the team and its unity.
Also, MP Moussawi clarified, “The paradoxes that occur today inside our team over issues related to economic and daily files, resulted by the terrible circumstances lived due to the electricity, water and unemployment.”

With reference to how the opposition [March 14] has led Lebanon to the edge of a devastating civil war, MP Moussawi stated, “We confirmed our insistence on the wisdom that should be followed. Those who sacrificed blood are more concerned with keeping the Lebanese people unified, and to keep Lebanon immunized from the inside and in confronting the foreign enemy.”

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