Muslim disunity, main motivation for Qur’an burning

When Muslims settle down their trivial disagreements and focus on their (various) commonalities enemies would not dare to commit similar behaviors.
The disrespectful measure of the US forces in Afghanistan to desecrate the holy book of Islam, Qur’an, has raged the people around the world. People in Afghanistan and other Muslim nations across the world have held massive rallies to voice their anger against the inhumane act.

In the same line Taqrib News Agency (TNA) has asked for the views of Molawi Abdul Ghani Dahani, renowned Sunni cleric from Eastern Province of Sistan and Balouchestan.

Q: Please explain your views on the recent sacrilege of Qur’an by the US forces.

A: As you know Qur’an is a humanizing and reviving script and its enlightening teachings is a perfect guide for any soul. Reflection of Qur’anic teachings took a new path after the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran and promotion of Islam took a rising speed.
This promotion was not limited to the Middle East and opened its way in other parts of the world like Europe.

Nowadays promotion of Islam has a much visible speed than what we imagine to the point that is ranked as the second popular religion in Europe.

Publication of Qur’an, in comparison with other books, in Europe stands in a higher ranking. These are all horrifying for the arrogant powers of the world; therefore, their sacrilegious measures are only aimed at putting out the light of Qur’an but they do not know that the divine light of God Almighty cannot be put out.

Q: Previously there have been similar cases of sacrilegious efforts against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Qur’an though they all failed. In your view what is the reason for repetition of a failure?

A: These moves are not without a plan or something accidental but they are based on a scenario by the world arrogant powers which are aimed at preventing the increasing promotion of Islam.

In the same breath, on the one hand they offend Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and on the other hand they disrespect holy Qur’an. When they do not achieve their desired objectives, they fade for a while though they never disappear completely.

Sometimes the enemies pursue Islamophobic plans and sometimes they spread Shiaphobia but their efforts have been to the benefit of Islam when the growth of Islam has increased around the world.

Many American citizens gradually become enthusiastic towards Qur’an and when they study that by themselves, they are absorbed by that and embrace Islam.

This has become quite concerning for the western governments; therefore, they do anything to prevent awakening or vigilance of their nations.

Q: What is the duty of Muslim scholars and Islamic nations regarding such seditious acts of the arrogant powers?

A: At the moment what matters more than anything else is solidarity of the Umma (Muslim nation) against these plots. Muslim nations, from all races, denominations and have to unite around the axis of divinities and save themselves from the traps of the arrogant powers.

Without doubt, the most important motivation behind the offence of the enemies in Afghanistan is the religious disagreements in the country.

When Muslims settle down their trivial disagreements and focus on their (various) commonalities enemies would not dare to commit similar behaviors.

This is a recommendation of God Almighty that invites Muslims to unity and solidarity and a warning that once Muslims are trapped in seditions they would be miserable.

Therefore, Muslim nations and clerics have to be vigilant against the plots of the enemies and aid the promotion of Islamic objectives by maintaining their Islamic commonalities and unity of ideologies in global issues.

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