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Muslim scholars have to prevent religious prejudices

n00151273-bProminent Lebanese cleric stressed avoiding religious prejudices and returning to Qur’an and lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as responsibilities of all Muslin scholars.
Publish date : Sunday 26 January 2014 12:40Code: 151273

“Muslim scholars have to prevent religious prejudices.”
Sheikh Ahmad al Zein, Head of the Scholars’ Society of Lebanon in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of 27th International Islamin Unity Conference highlighted necessity of practical measures sine merely conferences do not suffice for solving the issues of Muslim world.

He added,” Islamic Unity Conference is the outcry of world Muslims to announce their sufferings in the world.”

He underlined unified leadership to stand against religious bigotry and hoist the flag of a unified Ummah (nation). We are also in dire need of consultation among scholars and leaders of Islamic states to achieve our objective.

Head of Lebanon’s Society of Scholars called the present time as the era of unity and noted,” We are living in a world which is in need of solidarity.” And added,” Same way that the European Union has unified all European states together, we (Muslim countries) have to join each other because we share the same religion, prophet and holy book.”

When asked on the role of Muslim scholars for unity of Muslims, he said,” Muslim clerics have to avoid religious prejudices and return to holy Qur’an, lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his household (Ahlul Bayt (AS)) which have all highlighted Muslim unity.”

Sheikh Ahmad al Zein concluded that,” It is high time that Muslims followed the guidelines of Qur’an and do not accept calls for intrigues and dispersion because they are all to the benefit of the Zionist regime, west and colonial states.”

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