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Muslims celebrate Imam Mahdi (AS) birth anniversary across the world

Shaaban 15th (27, July) marks the birth anniversary of the Imam, Hazrat Mahdi (AS), the twelfth and last Imam of Hazrat Mohammad’s (PBUH) infallible household.

Happiness dominates the day as faithful followers of Imam Mahdi celebrate his birth anniversary.

On the joyous occasion, ceremonies are held across Iran and people seized every opportunity to share their happiness while praying for his reappearance to fulfill his divine mission.

Also, muslims around the world mark the birth anniversary of the ultimate saviour of makind.

Imam Mahdi (AS) was born in 868 AD and was hidden by God at the age of five. He is still alive but has been in occultation, waiting for the time that God has decreed for his reappearance.

Mahdi belongs to the House of Hazrate Mohammad (PBUH) and would be in the line of Imam Hossein (PBUH). His name would be Mohammad and his family name would be Abul Qasim, his father’s name would be Abdullah, and he would appear in Mecca. He would protect the oppressed from destruction and would restore the religion to its original position.

Shia believes that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will fill the world with justice and fairness at a time when the world is filled with oppression.

In a tradition Imam Baqir (AS) says: The Master of the Command was named as Mahdi because he will dig out the Torah and other heavenly books from the cave in Antioch. He will judge among the people of the Torah according to the Torah; among the people of the Gospel according to the Gospel; among the people of the Psalms in accordance with the Psalms; among the people of the Qur’an in accordance with the Qur’an.

A saying by Imam Jaffar Sadiq (AS) is: Knowledge is divided into twenty-seven parts. No more than two parts has been acquired by human beings so far. When Mahdi arises he will expose the rest of the twenty five parts and distribute it among the people.

The story of birth of Imam Mahdi is like that of the Moses. All the women were being regularly inspected by female specialists of Abbasids to find out if anybody is pregnant. The Imam Mahdi’s mother did not have any sign of pregnancy to the last hours, similar to Moses’s mother. But no doubt that what Allah wishes will certainly take place.

Given these adverse conditions and hardships, the birth of the Imam (AS) was kept in utmost secrecy, that even the closest people to Imam al-Askari (AS), the father of the Mahdi (AS), did not know of the time of his (AS) birth. Only very few close associates were notified. The obvious contention is that the birth of al-Imam al-Mahdi (AS) constitutes a direct threat to the continuance of the corrupt government to rule.

Awaiting the Divine Savior On the 15th Sha’ban, Muslims celebrate the auspicious birth anniversary of the 12th Imam, Hazrat Mahdi (AS) and we extend our heartfelt greetings to all Muslims and the oppressed people of the world on this blessed occasion.

Human experience cannot deny the fact that it is every man’s innate ideal to witness a time in which truth will overcome falsehood and justice will prevail in human society.

Based on these Traditions, all Muslims unanimously believe that the Savior will reappear one day to establish a unique world order, based on justice and truth, in which everyone will enjoy the benefits of divine law and order. However, the date and time of his awaited arrival are known only to Allah.

During the period of Imam Mahdi’s (AS) occultation, all believers are expected to await his coming. No believer should lose hope in this divine and Prophetic promise and this awaiting is certainly not in vain. The waiting, however, is not passive – it is a faith, full of dynamism and is like waiting to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

It calls for sincerity, hard-work and preparation instead of lethargy and despair, in accordance with all the other universal laws that call for due action before expectation of results. Thus, it is incumbent on all believers to struggle earnestly to pave the way for the arrival of Imam Mahdi (AS) and the establishment of the rule of justice that will materialize with his re-appearance.

It is everyone’s duty to endeavor tirelessly on the path of eradicating oppression and fighting evil because only then will one be considered as truly having awaited the auspicious arrival.

In the words of Imam Al-Mahdi (AS): “Indeed my existence is an amnesty for the people of the earth. Pray much to Almighty Allah to hasten the Relief (al-Faraj), for therein also lies the release from your sufferings.”

Shining smile of the dawn, from the east, appeared; Dark color of the night, from the face of sky, disappeared.

In the eyes of Narjes (mother of Imam Mahdi), as he watched,

A wonderful light of eagerness, he found.

That wonderful light in her pure eyes,

From opening of a blossom, he knew that it was.

Together with the golden kisses of the morning sun,

In the garden of Samera opened that blossom.

Stones and the woods for one moment, from that birth,

Became hearts and started to beat, all over the earth.

Like a tree blooming in a garden that is dead,

Hope blossomed in the hearts of the oppressed.

Like the smell of flowers, you are not seen, O’ Mahdi!

Please come back, come back please, O’ Mahdi!

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