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MWL calls for protection of the Aqsa Mosque

The supreme international council for mosques in the Muslim World League (MWL) has strongly condemned on Wednesday the Israeli excavations under the Aqsa Mosque, and accused Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of planning to build a synagogue on parts of it.

The MWL, in this regard, called on the UNSC and international organizations to provide the needed protection to the Mosque against the Israeli practices in accordance with international laws and conventions.

In occupied Jerusalem, the higher Islamic authority expressed, in a statement on Wednesday, similar remarks on the Israeli schemes against the Mosque, highlighting the sacredness of the Mosque to Muslims all over the world.

The authority also reminded the Arab and Muslim countries that they have religious obligations and duties towards the Mosque, which is the first Qibla (prayer direction) for Muslims.

According to the authority, the IOA exploits the ongoing international incidents and the internal Palestinian division in order to divert the international community’s attention away from its “heinous practices” in the occupied holy city.

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