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Naufal exposed to harsh torturing in Egyptian jails

Egyptian authorities isolate today morning , Tuesday, Palestinian prisoner Ayman Naufal, the Hamas member in solitary confinement and closed the only window he has in his cell with cement.

This unaccountable step reflects the Egyptian intentions for torturing Naufal brutally , using inhuman procedures to stress him psychologically.

Closing the only window of solitary confinement cell he placed in, was condemned by broad mass, and human rights organizations.

Solidarity committee with Ayman Naufal has condemned savage procedures against him saying that Egyptian should better stop torturing the Palestinian prisoners in its jails instead of increasing the extent of unreasonably torturing.

The committee mentioned that Naufal did not see the sun since two months , due to closer of the only window he has inside his cell.

Ayman Naufal was detained three years before , he was detained in Januray 2008 when thousands of Palestinians entered into Egyptian territories to get their essential needs due to unjust blockade.

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