New Heroic Palestinian Operation: 16 Zionist Israelis Stabbed in Tel Aviv


A Palestinian from the West Bank traveling on a Tel Aviv bus stabbed and injured nine “Israelis” on Wednesday morning.

The Palestinian man tried to escape from the scene but was shot in the leg by prison guards who were driving by the site, transporting prisoners. He was taken into custody.

Police identified him as a 22-year-old resident of the Palestinian town of Tulkarem who entered the Zionist entity several days ago.
The Hamas Resistance organization praised the operation, saying “it was a brave operation and the assailant is a hero”.

Police cordoned off the area to scan for possible accomplices.

The No. 40 bus appears to have been full of rush-hour morning commuters.
“Four of the injured were in serious condition and the rest were lightly wounded,” police said.

A police spokesman said there had not been any advance warnings or threats of a attack in Tel Aviv.

Two months ago, on Nov. 10, an “Israeli” soldier was stabbed to death by a Palestinian from the West Bank not far from where Wednesday’s attack occurred.

A witness reported that the assailant initially stabbed the driver, who was then unable to open the doors and let out the frightened passengers. One of the passengers then managed to get the doors open.

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