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New map shows territories under Azerbaijani control after Karabakh agreement

The tripartite Karabakh agreement between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia was put in place earlier this week, following Baku’s announcement about capturing the strategic city of Shushi in the southern part of the disputed region.

Per the agreement, Azerbaijan will be handed over a large chunk of Karabakh, in addition to the areas they already captured over the last month, including the cities of Jebrayil and Shushi.

The agreement will also see the Karabakh Republic handover the Lachin region, which was an area heavily targeted by the Azerbaijani forces over the last week of fighting.

As shown in the map above, the agreement is certainly not territorially in favor of Armenia, as the Karabakh Republic will be confined to a small area.

Furthermore, according to reports, the thousands of civilians who fled their homes during the month-long conflict will be given the option of returning, but they will find themselves living under Azerbaijan, rather than the Karabakh Republic.

More details about the agreement are expected to be revealed in the coming days, including the possibility of Turkish peacekeeping forces deploying to the Karabakh region.

While Moscow denied reports about the deployment of Turkish troops to Karabakh, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his forces will be monitoring the ceasefire, alongside Russia.

Source: AMN

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