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New missile attack targets Baghdad International Airport

On Sunday, the Iraqi authorities announced that three Katyusha rockets had fallen on the Baghdad International Airport, causing material losses.

The Security Media Cell said in a statement, “Three Katyusha rockets hit Baghdad International Airport this evening, Sunday, one of which fell on a wheeled garage at the civilian airport, damaging four civilian vehicles, and it was found that they were launched from the Zaytoun area in the Abi district.”

No casualties were reported by the Iraqi security forces.

The Baghdad International Airport has been exposed to frequent shelling recently, with several Katyusha rockets targeting the area from the Greater Baghdad area.

These attacks come as part of a series of unknown missile attacks targeting the airport, as well as the military bases.

It should be noted that the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, which includes government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions, has recently been exposed to a series of Katyusha attacks as well.

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