New Security Measures in Iraq Following Bloody Terrorist Bombings


Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki took new security measures by changing operation commandments after accusations were thrown between the PM and the Iraqi Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Najifi regarding the security situation in Iraq.
A senior governmental official stated that al-Maliki made some changes within operation commandments and Brigade Generals that included “replacing Baghdad’s Operation Commander Officer Ahmad Hashem” without mentioning any details.
In a pressing meeting, the Iraqi Parliament adopted a series of recommendations among which called for a national conference consisting of “heads of the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities, and heads of political blocs.”

Recommendations further called for terminating the Defense Minister and Interior Minister, rearranging non-constitutional security institutions, holding a conference to formulate the military’s doctrine, and cleaning security institutions from terrorists and Baath supporters.

Prior to the Parliamentary session, the Speaker of Parliament accused the PM of rebelling against the constitution after he refused to attend the session, believing it to be “sectarian”.

Violent bombings in Iraq continue where at least 30 people were killed and around 100 people injured in a series of attacks that targeted Kirkuk and Tuz Khormato in Salah Eddine Province, a police checkpoint in Baghdad, as well as Baqubah city.

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