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New video show Syrian Army preparing for major Idlib offensive

A new video was released on Sunday by the Anna News Agency, which showed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) engaging enemy forces inside the Idlib Governorate.

“The 25th division under the command of General Suheil Al-Hassan (formerly Tiger Forces) needs no introduction.

It was the 25th Division that suffered the most bloody battles during the campaign to liberate the M-5 highway in Idlib.

Following the results of negotiations in Moscow, the parties to the conflict agreed to observe a ceasefire, but recently terrorists have become more active and began to attack government troops more often.

The Syrian army is ready to adequately respond to any provocations in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

And if there is political will, then the Syrians will be able to independently clean Idlib from the terrorists.

But while the militants have not yet crossed the red line and the 25th division continues to hone their skills at the training grounds.”

Sorce: AMN

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