New Zionist Israeli demolition campaign in Negev

New Israeli demolition campaign in Negev
Several Palestinian towns in the Negev (southern Palestinian territories occupied in 1948), have witnessed on Wednesday, new demolition campaign of houses.

Palestinian sources in the Negev warned against new Israeli plans to demolish more homes in Arab towns in the Negev, noting that “since the morning the occupation forces and bulldozers gathered in several areas in the Negev, which indicates that the occupation forces intend to carry out other demolition processes”

For his part, Taleb Abu Arar, the new Bedouin Knesset Member, stated that the ongoing demolitions Israeli policy proves the Israeli hatred of Arabs, where they aim to displace residents of the unrecognized Arab villages in the Negev.

Abu Arar told Quds Press that such Israeli racist practices will not succeed in undermining the Negev residents’ steadfastness and adherence to their land.

He stressed that the Israeli demolition process in Negev is illegal. “It is unreasonable to deal with us as enemies, we are the land owners, and our demands are very clear, we want our villages in the Negev to be recognized, and to stop land confiscation and demolitions against our houses,” said Abu Arar.

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