Notice!- Facebook page of our Turkish Website is blocked temporarily

Our Turkish Language Website(İslami Davet) is blocked temporarily for using the name “Hizbullah” thats why from now on our Turkish one will use “Lübnan Direnişi”(Lebanese Resistance). Zionist Media and their puppets are trying to annihilate all sources conveying truths to the people of the World. The Zionist Media has accelerated a wide range of campaign recently to block the facebook pages that tell the truth to the people of the World. Many pages particularly Suriye Gerçekleri(Syrian Truth) were blocked temporarily then blocked completely in the past few days. Despite the laughable reasons for blockade, our site(both English and Turkish one) and other sources that tell the truth to the people are going to continue their way of webcasting and other channels wit the help and guidance of Allah.
here the blocked one: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%C4%B0sl%C3%A2mi-Davet/142143335909745

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