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Number of Coronavirus-Positive Patients in Iran Rises to 43, Deaths to 8

Spokesman of the Iranian Health Ministry Kianoush Jahanpour said on Sunday that the number of patients infected with coronavirus in the country has increased to 43, adding that 8 people have died so far.

“The number of confirmed infections to coronavirus now stands at 43 and 8 people have lost their lives in the past few days,” Jahanpour said in an interview with the state TV.

He added that 15 new cases of corona-virus positive patients have been diagnosed since Saturday noon, voicing regret that 3 of them have passed away.

Iran’s Government Spokesman Ali Rabiyee announced on Thursday that a headquarters has been set up to take due measures to counter the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic.

“The government with its full capacity and sensitivity will follow up anti-coronavirus measures,” Ali Rabiyee posted on his Twitter page.

He noted that according to President Hassan Rouhani’s order, counter-coronavirus headquarters sessions will be attended by ministers of health, tourism and road, as well as representative of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

“Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus from China, the Iranian government took due measures on borders, meanwhile, the country now needs to adopt broader measures as two cases of deaths have been confirmed in Qom, 140 km to South of Tehran,” the spokesman said.

In line with anti-coronavirus measures, religious schools in Qom were closed on Thursday.

Rabiyee called on the people to pay attention to the Health Ministry’s advice and cooperate with the government to fight the virus.

Also all academic centers and schools in several provinces, including Tehran, were closed for one week. The government has banned holding concerts and gatherings in the provinces in which coronavirus infection has been confirmed.

In a relevant development, a session focusing on decisions about the fight against the deadly coronavirus was held at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on Thursday morning.

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