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Zionist Saudi led troops killed and two vehicles destroyed in Sarawah of Marib


A number of Saudi led troops and agents of the aggression were killed and many others were injured on Monday in the destruction and burning of their two vehicles in Sarawah, of Marib province.

According to military source, that the military engineering units of Yemeni army and Popular committees were able to detonate the vehicle of the Saudi led troops of the aggression with an explosive device in the Al-Tabra Ahmar, which led to the death and wounding of the crew which was on board of Saudi led troops.

The source added that the heroes of the Yemeni army and the Popular Committees burned another military vehicle of Saudi led troops at the airport terminal of Sarawah Directorate.

A number of paid troops of Aggression had met their fate yesterday, as they were shot by the Yemeni army and the popular committees in several areas of the Directorate of Sarawah in Marib.

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