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O! The European people it is high time to give the game of zionists away by shouting “DOWN WITH ZIONISTS AND THEIR PUPPETS!”


O! The European people whose all financial and emotional wealth have been plundered, and their blood has been sucked by the zionists. O! The Europeans who are forced to accept a religious leader who is chosen from Jewish. Untill when your destiny will be shaped, defined by the Jewish who are chosen by zionist lobby?
The muslims whose brains are not sold have never blamed the oppressed people of Europe when there were massacres in Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, and the 5 million people massacre under the observation of French soldiers in Rwanda. The real muslims have always blamed the zionist governers of European countries.
As you see that your governers who have destroyed you both physically and spiritually are destroying Islamic regions by organizing, arming, financing ISIL (DAESH), Nusra, Al-Qaeda terrorists with the help of Islamic-faced zionist puppet governers.
Zionist Imperialist powers are eternal enemies of Muslims, Christians, and even the Jewish who are not Zionist like the smoky weather in order to pull to pieces the oppressed people. Let’s not forget our COMMON ENEMY the ZIONISM.
These zionists are in suits in Europe and in different clothes like Abobakr al-Baghdadi, Mc Cain in Iraq, Syria. The common aim of them is to raise the flag of zionism.
The European people who are ready to blast shouldn’t spend their time the way those zionist governers want.
Muslims and Christians should turn their anger towards the zionists who are behind the hitmen. This important point should be remembered all time. Let’s remember the last day of Shah in Iran. Towards the end of Shah the Iranians were shouting : ”DOWN WITH US!” When that word became slogan for the Iranians then the US showed his own hitmen Shah as target and said: “It is Shah who is killing you not USA.” When that words was heard by Imam Khomeini, he said that: “Was not this damned man (Shah) brought to power by USA?”
That is why we can give the game of zionists away by shouting “DOWN WITH ZIONISTS AND THEIR PUPPETS!”

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