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O unjust man nurturing rancour and enmity against a believer!- 1

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Verily the believers are brethren; so reconcile then your brothers.(49:10) * Repel evil with what is better than it; then the one between whom and yourself enmity prevails will become like your friend and intimate.(41:34) * Those who suppress their anger and forgive people – verily God loves those who do good.(3:134)

Dispute and discord among the believers, and partisanship, obstinacy and envy, leading to rancour and enmity among them, are repugnant and vile, are harmful and sinful, by the combined testimony of wisdom and the supreme humanity that is Islam, for personal, social, and spiritual life. They are in short, poison for the life of man. We will set forth six of the extremely numerous aspects of this truth.

First Aspect

They are sinful in the view of truth.
If someone were to try to make the ship sink, or to set the house on fire, because of that criminal, you know how great a sinner he would be. You would cry out to the heavens against his sinfulness. Even if there were one innocent man and nine criminals aboard the ship, it would be against all rules of justice to sink it.
So too, if there are in the person of a believer, who may be compared to a dominical dwelling, a divine ship, not nine, but as many as twenty innocent attributes such as belief, Islam, and neighbourliness; and if you then nurture rancour and enmit y against him on account of one criminal attribute that harms and displeases you, attempting or desiring the sinking of his being, the burning of his house, then you too will be a criminal guilty of a great atrocity.

the next parts will come inshaallah



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