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Obaidullah… innocent child killed by Israeli sniper (report)


The childhood and innocence of 13-year-old Abdulrahman Shadi Obaidullah did not spare him the bullets of an Israeli sniper, who pointed his gun and fired a bullet into the child’s heart. This practice falls in contrary to the moral lesson provided by the Palestinian resistance during the Nablus operation last Thursday.

Beit Jala hospital director Said Sarahna confirmed that the child arrived at the hospital suffering from a critical injury; as a result of the one bullet in the heart shot by an Israeli sniper.

He said that “the child Obaidullah underwent to a surgical operation in the heart to save his life, and the doctors also conducted a cardiopulmonary resuscitation operation (CPR) after his pulse had stopped”.

“The doctors conducted the required procedures to save the child’s life; however, their efforts failed due to the serious injury”, he added.

Killing without distinction
Hamouda Nasser, a relative of the martyr, said that Abdulrahman was an example of good manners, beloved by all his peers. He opined that the killer sniper meant by killing the child Obaidullah that “children will not be spared and that children will be killed without distinction”.

Hearing the news of their child’s murder, the parents broke down and cried but praised Allah (saying Alhamdulellah), wondering where are the much trumpeted ethics of war by the Israeli soldiers.

As soon as the news of the child’s death spread, hundreds of citizens flocked to his family’s home; and chanted for the resistance, calling on it to revenge for all those killed by the Israeli soldiers.

Army without ethics
Khaldoun Samih, from the Aida refugee camp, compared between the ethics of the resistance fighters who did not kill the children of settlers in the Nablus and Jerusalem operations with the deliberate killing of the child Obaidullah with a bullet in his heart by a sniper soldier. He said, “Ethics of resistance outperformed the occupation soldiers and showed them that they are the animals and monsters, not the Palestinians.”

In their attack, the resistance fighters avoided killing the children who were in the car which they targeted at point blank although they killed two of the settlers who were inside the car; in an incident that sparked great feedback on the morality and humanity of the Palestinian resistance fighters.

Targeting the child with a bullet in his heart a day after the injury of a soldier from the Israeli border guards by an explosive device in the environs of Bilal bin Rabah mosque at the northern entrance to the city of Bethlehem, was interpreted by some citizens that the killing was intended in retaliation for the injury of the Israeli soldier … a new evidence to the lack of morality of the occupation army.

As soon as the news of the martyrdom of the child Obaidullah spread, masked men were seen marching in the streets of Bethlehem asking the shops to close their doors in mourning to the child’s demise.

The national and Islamic forces in Bethlehem condemned the crime of executing the child with cold blood, and held the Israeli occupation government and the settlers responsible for this heinous crime.

They called for public mobilization at flashpoints in the province, which indicated that the martyrdom of the child Obaidullah might trigger a third intifada.

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