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Obstinacy and partisanship are extremely harmful in social life- Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

Fifth Aspect

Obstinacy and partisanship are extremely harmful in social life.
I f i t i s s a i d : There is a Hadith which says: “Difference among my people is an instance of divine mercy,”[6] and difference requires partisanship.
The sickness of partisanship also delivers the oppressed common people to the oppressor elite, for if the elite of a town or village join together, they will destroy the oppressed common people. If there is partisanship, the oppressed may seek refuge with one of the parties and thus save himself.
It is also from the confrontation of opinions and the contradiction of views that truth becomes apparent in its full measure.
T h e A n s w e r :
To the first part of the question, we say: The difference intended in the Hadith is a positive difference. That is, each party strives to promote and diffuse its own belief; it does not seek to tear down and destroy that of the other, but rather to improve and reform it. Negative difference is rejected by the Hadith, for it aims in partisan and hostile fashion at mutual destruction, and those who are at each other’s throats cannot act positively.
To the second part of the question, we say: If partisanship is in the name of truth, it can become a refuge for those seeking their rights. But as for the partisanship obtaining now, biased and self-centred, it can only be a refuge for the unjust and a point of support for them. For if a devil comes to a man engaged in biased partisanship, encourages him in his ideas and takes his side, that man will call down God’s blessings on the Devil. But if the opposing side is joined by a man of angelic nature, then he will – may God protect us! – go so far as to invoke curses upon him.
To the third part of the question, we say: If the confrontation of views takes place in the name of justice and for the sake of truth, then the difference concerns only means; there is unity with respect to aim and basic purpose. Such a difference makes manifest every aspect of the truth and serves justice and truth. But what emerges from a confrontation of views that is partisan and biased, and takes place for the sake of a tyrannical, evil-commanding soul, that is based on egotism and fame- seeking – what emerges from this is not the flash of truth, but the fire of dissension.
Unity of aim is necessary, but opposing views of this kind can never find a point of convergence anywhere on earth. Since they do not differ for the sake of the truth, they multiply ad infinitum, and give rise to divergences that can never be reconciled.
I n S h o r t : If one does not make of the exalted rules, “Love for the sake of God,[7] * Dislike for the sake of God, judgement for the sake of God”[8] the guiding principles of one’s conduct, dispute and discord will result. If one does not say, “dislike for the sake of God, judgement for the sake of God” and take due account of those principles, one’s attempts to do justice will result in injustice.

by Long- suffering prominent sunni cleric Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a (1873- 1960) ( whose whole life passed in jails, prisons, under tortures, exile of the rulers of time in Turkey. (1873- 1960). His Eminence had sacrificed his mubarak whole life to Allah’s way and serving Islam. Ustad was representing Real Mohammadi (pbuh) Islam so He was targeted by taghutic system untill He arrived at Allah…) He had never found any time even to marry and had children SO His Eminence accepted a very prominent Sunni Cleric Ustad Hilmi Kocaaslan (Hizbullah Hakverdi) as his Spiritually Adopted Son when Ustad Hilmi was 16 years old. Ustad Hizbullah Hakverdi who has never adopted any systems opposing to the Divine Religion of Allah is living in Turkey and His eminence Ustad Hizbullah is the Complementary Successor of the Late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a. Ustad Hizbullah give so importance to Unity, Islamic Wahdat, Unified Islamic Nations, Republic of Unified Islamic States and his writings are on these topics. He emphasizes the real enemies of Islam and uncovers the real face of islamic- cloth enemies and describes the Americanized Islam.

[6] al-‘Ajluni, Kashf al-Khafa’, i, 64; al-Manawi, Fayd al-Qadir, i, 210-12.

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