Official Deplores Powers’ Efforts to Monopolize Science, Technology

A senior Iranian official condemned the efforts made by a few world powers to monopolize science and technology, and called for free exchange of views among the world states on their scientific and technological achievements.

Head of the Culture and Islamic Communications Organization of Iran Mohammad Baqer Khorramshad called the West’s monopolistic approach in technology and science as unjust, and noted that the entire mankind should exchange their scientific achievements for joint use and against the common threats.

“All human beings should do their best to save the nature and protect the divine affluences as well as their shared natural resources,” he added.

He made the remarks in the First International Baku Forum on ‘State and Religion: Strengthening Tolerance in the Changing World’ in Baku on Wednesday.

Iran and the West are at loggerheads over Tehran’s nuclear program. Iran says its nuclear program is a peaceful drive to produce electricity so that the world’s fourth-largest crude exporter can sell more of its oil and gas abroad and provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

The US and its western allies allege that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program while they have never presented corroborative evidence to substantiate their allegations against the Islamic Republic.

Analysts believe that the US’s opposition with Iran is mainly due to the independent and home-grown nature of Tehran’s nuclear technology, which gives the Islamic Republic the potential to turn into a world power and a role model for other third-world countries. Washington has laid much pressure on Iran to make it give up the most sensitive and advanced part of the technology, which is uranium enrichment, a process used for producing nuclear fuel for power plants.

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