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Official: Iran Breaks Monopoly of Producing SAC500 Catalyst

CEO of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) Ali Pajouhan announced that Iran has broken the monopoly of the production of the SAC500 catalyst which was earlier manufactured by a few number of countries.

“We have managed to break the monopoly for production of the SAC500 catalyst which was in hands of 2 to 3 companies in the world,” Pajouhan told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Wednesday.

He added that the contract for industrialization of the catalyst with the capacity of producing 100 tons annually has been signed with Shazand petrochemical complex and it was injected into the relevant units.

The hi-tech SAC500 catalyst is widely used for producing heavy polyethylene grades.

Pajouhan had also in December said that his company was building plants for the production of five catalysts used in the petrochemical industries.

He added that the PRTC had signed 13 deals for commercialization of its products which also included catalyst production deals.

He underlined the eye-catching support of NPC for PRTC and protectionism, adding PRTC achievements were applied and functional in the industry but took some time to become profitable.

Pajouhan further added that PRTC was planning to launch 5 catalyst production plants which would come on-stream by the next two years.

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