Official urges “crushing response” to UK’s meddling in Iran’s elections


A senior Iranian judiciary official called on the administration to show a strong reaction to the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) recent move to encourage Iranians not to vote for certain candidates in the country’s Friday elections.
According to Tasnim news agency, Iranian Judiciary’s Deputy Chief and Spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said on Wednesday on the sidelines of a ceremony in Tehran “The Iranian people have had a very negative perception of Britain’s deceitful rulers over the past years and decades, so much so that whatever they hear from the British, they would do the reverse.”
Britons are known among the Iranian people for their divisive approach, he added.

The Iranian government, the foreign ministry in particular, should show a crushing response to the “cheap” move by Britain, Ejei said, stressing that ignoring the move is not acceptable as the Iranian nation would never forget such acts.
“Everyone’s expectation is that the government and the foreign ministry adopt an active approach to this issue,” he added.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Saturday that the Iranian nation knows how to vote, and ruled out any advice by foreign parties on the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections.
“We do not need the advice of any non-Iranian (side), because our nation is vigilant and conscious, and well aware of its interests,” the Iranian president said at the time.
The Assembly of Experts and parliamentary elections will be held simultaneously on February 26.

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