“OIC statement does not shake our determination”



Following the latest accusation by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation against Hezbollah, the resistance movement has shaken the allegation calling the final statement of the OIC as worthless, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Mohammad Raad, head of the Hezbollah’s Block loyalty to the Resistance, said,” If the basis of accusing a person is based on his interference in the Arab World affairs, then what is Saudi Arabia doing in Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Lebanon?”

He added that the final statement of the OIC has been issued under the influence and pressures by some countries.

Sheikh Mohammad Yezbak, head of Hezbollah Sharia Council, slammed the OIC statement and stressed,” No one can do anything or shake our determination as far as we are alive.”

Sheikh Nabil Qavooq, deputy of the executive Council in Hezbollah also rejected the statement as worthless and stressed such statements cannot bring the least change to our stance.

Hassan Fadhl Allah, Member of Parliament and Lebanon’s Hezbollah called OIC statement as a proof for weakness and disillusionment of Saudi Arabia.

Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, in its final resolution issued on the last leg of the meeting held in Istanbul, accused Hezbollah of carrying out terror attacks in other Arab states.

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