Opposition Boycotts Bahraini King’s Iftar Feast

928246_orig (1)Bahraini opposition parties and communities boycotted the King’s Iftar feast to protest the harsh living conditions and regime’s security measures.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah, the Bahraini King, held an Iftar banquet but opposition parties and communities, including top Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, boycotted the feast, Al Arabiya wrote, Fars News Agency quoted.

Majid Milad one of Al-Wefaq leaders and a participant of regime-opposition talks said: “Not all opposition parties and communities attended Al-Khalifa iftar feast in Al-Rawda Palace.”

Opposition parties and communities reportedly considered Al-Khalifa’s invation as “religious and social” without political objectives, however they did not attend the event in protest to the harsh living conditions of Bahraini nation as well as the relentless security attacks.

Bahrainis have been staging peaceful protests since 2011, demanding freedom and an elected ruling government.

Al-Khalifa security forces, with the assistance of Al Saud militaries, cracked down on protests, attacked, detained, suppressed, tortured, wounded and murdered them.

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